Brands must be relentlessly relevant by earning loyalty at every point in the customer journey, again and again. Our annual Brand Relevance Index ranks brands that do just that — brands consumers cannot imagine living without. When your brand strategy and the experience you deliver to consumers are inextricably linked, you’ll achieve increased demand, a greater share of wallet and loyalty levels competitors will envy.

Over the past 10 years, IBE has helped world’s largest companies establish relevance and drive growth by creating compelling customer experiences that drive brand loyalty. We combine our strengths in building relevant brands, transforming customer experiences and accelerating growth, with our deep digital expertise to help companies grow better in the short and long term.

Problems We Solve:

  • How can I revitalise my brand?
  • How can I reposition my brand relative to emerging competitors?
  • How can I better align my customer experience with my brand?
  • How do I engage my employees with my brand?

Services We Offer:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Portfolio
  • Customer Experience
  • Brand Architecture & Naming
  • Visual Systems
  • Employee Engagement

What We Do:

  • Brand Consulting
  • Publications
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Advertising & Publicity
  • Marathons
  • Market Research Studies
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Research & Analytics
  • Strategy Management
  • Brand Valuation

Brand Research

If it is about your brand & business, you can bank with us at IBE for the most authentic and well-researched inputs that would certainly help you devise a brand strategy replete with possibilities of better sales and more impactful competitive edge. For, we realise how important a brand strategy is when it comes to not only reaching out to customers and associates but also in reinforcing everlasting and mutually beneficial relationships with those customers.

Whether it is apprehending of customer needs or proactively reaching out to them to address their pain points or fine-tuning your products & services to those needs, we at IBE will help you with insightful research and pertinent suggestions. In order to help you identify quick, targeted, customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost your brand performance, our researchers delve deep into the data mines unleashed by the data revolution and come out with data-driven marketing solutions that would certainly turn the tables on your competition.